Pointer Remote for Schools

The way we work has changed and the global uptake of remote work has opened up opportunities for those preparing to enter the workforce, particularly those in the regions. Pointer Remote offers programs to help schools to navigate and capitalise on this change to the workforce landscape, simultaneously encouraging high school students to consider career pathways that were not previously available.

Our programs aim to support high school students and Careers Advisors to gain exposure to, and skills in, remote work. This in turn fosters career planning, future workforce engagement as well as entrepreneurship.

Our programs aim to:

> Develop the skills, attributes and qualities in students required to work and study remotely;

> Expose teachers, particularly those in the Careers Advisor role, to career pathways and study opportunities that are conducted remotely; and

> Create opportunities for students and Careers Advisor to interact with industry representatives to discover opportunities and aid subject selection decisions

Remote Work Pre-employment Program for Schools

Our Schools Pre-Employment Program gives students the opportunity to go beyond Zoom meetings and delve into how to work remotely, create their resume, prepare for an interview, effectively navigate career progression, company culture as well as their own wellbeing. This program aims to have students enter the workforce with an understanding of what this looks like in a remote setting. Delivered as a self-paced e-learning course, the program is mapped to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development. Students receive a Certificate of Attainment on completion.

Professional development for Careers Advisors

With such dramatic changes in the workforce environment, it is vital for Careers Advisors to have the opportunity to be exposed to new industries, new careers and new ways of working. Pointer Remote offers virtual ‘Industry Meet and Greet’ webinars with industry to learn about new career opportunities and what skills and training are required by interested students.

Virtual Career Fairs

Our Virtual Career Fairs give students and Careers Advisors access to Human Resource Managers and Talent Acquisition teams from leading organisations with flexible work opportunities. Students can discover career opportunities and establish the steps they need to take in regard to training or further education. These sessions are interactive with plenty of opportunities for Q&A.

About Pointer Remote

Pointer Remote is an organisation founded on harnessing remote work. Our focus is on building capacity in employers, job seekers and students through training and recruitment services. We have a remote work platform where businesses advertise open positions and job seekers can find remote work opportunities.

Since our establishment in 2017, Pointer Remote has seen first-hand the deficits in skills (in both job seekers and employers) in regards to best practise for working and managing people remotely. As a trained teacher (Bachelor of Education, CSU), our Founder Jo Palmer saw the vital need to educate students before they enter the workforce in the skills they need for success.

In addition to upskilling individual students and their teachers, Pointer Remote places emphasis on the positive economic and social impacts that remote access to the workforce has on young people in rural communities. If students can access a meaningful career remotely, it creates the opportunity for some to stay in their community, rather than having to leave to find work.

The next generation of employees, business owners and entrepreneurs need support to embrace the ‘future of work’. Understanding how to effectively work and manage people remotely are vital skills that require explicit teaching to give students the opportunity to ‘hit the ground running’ when it comes to remote work.