Jo recently joined Alexi Boyd on the SmallBiz Matters podcast to discuss the benefits of remote work for regional Australia and our National economy. Check out the details and hit the button below to listen.

In the last 12 months policy makers, regional communities, corporates and small businesses all sat up and have taken notice of remote working. But it’s not a new normal for regional communities.

Part of the evolution of the Tree Change/Sea Change concept is the move towards working remotely. So, corporate does it, government does it, but for once small business has been a little bit slow off the mark, slow to adapt to a sensible way to grow.

Is it because we are now fearful of employing in Australia thanks to our archaic employment laws? Or the tyranny of distance (which is ironic), or a mistrust in internet capacity? Or has the offshoring process simply become too easy and switching back by bringing the jobs, money and employment home again all seems too hard?