Frequently Asked Questions


What sort of roles does Pointer Remote advertise?

As remote work is not industry-specific, we advertise roles from over 100 industries. Examples include (but not restricted to):

  • Accounting, finance and bookkeeping
  • Administration
  • Law
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing roles
  • Website design
  • Business development and planning

What sort of employers are advertising roles?

The employers that work with us a Pointer are progressive companies that realise that the location of the best employee shouldn’t matter. We have small to medium-sized businesses from all over Australia through to corporate organisations in the big cities.

Are the roles casual, contract, part time or full time?

Each role that we advertise is different. We have had part-time and full-time roles that have been contracts as well as permanent appointments. There have been short-term contracts and one-off jobs.

How does Pointer Remote find me the best job?

Pointer Remote sees beyond work to the whole person, community, economy and society. 

Rather than searching for a job just because you’re in a particular location, you can register with Pointer Remote to match your skillset, experience, connections, knowledge with the roles available. 

Here at Pointer Remote we think remote work is a wonderful thing. It stimulates our brain, builds social connections, can be a creative outlet and secures financial independence. Feeling purposeful helps with mental well being. Pointer Remote can help find you a job that will bring out the best in you

This is a more inclusive and human experience and should help you find a job that will work in the long term and feel wonderful because, more than just your CV, you’re bringing your whole identity and community along with you as well.

Can I update my profile with Pointer Remote at any time?

You can log in to your profile page at any time and update your details.

When should I expect my first role to be sent through?

Our roles are not industry-specific so it is challenging to predict or guarantee when an appropriate role may become available. For some candidates, it is a matter of hours or days and others months or potentially longer depending on the role you are seeking.

Can I see my profile once it is complete?

You can see your profile at any time by logging into your Dash.

I’m in Australia on a working holiday visa or I’m not registered in Australia for tax purposes, can I still register?

Unfortunately, at this stage, Pointer Remote can only accept registrations of those who are registered in Australia for tax purposes.

Important things to note

  • If you have poor phone service or Internet speeds and downloads, then Pointer Remote is not recommended as a place to try to secure remote work. Employers require candidates to have good connectivity to ensure successful remote work.
  • The roles we advertise are more often than not for qualified professionals with either tertiary or formal qualifications in their field. Unfortunately, candidates without qualifications and quality experience in the workplace are often overlooked for roles.
  • Pointer Remote is a start-up company, each day our database of potential employers and employees grows, however, we cannot guarantee a match will happen. We are working every day to shift the societal mindset around remote work in Australia and we believe it is the way of the future.
  • A percentage of the roles we advertise are part-time or contract-based, so we encourage freelancers or those looking to supplement other income to register.

What happens once I register?

  1. Once your profile is complete, you will receive an email confirmation and you will ready to receive job matches via email and you can see all open jobs on the website.
  2. When a role is emailed to you that you are interested in, follow the instructions to apply and you’re in the running.


What’s the Pointer Remote difference?

Because we focus on skill set, not location, Pointer Remote is the most specific way to match the needs of a permanent role or short term agile project based team to the requisite skills, experience and connections.

This creates a competitive advantage for all clients and unparalleled opportunity to choose work that is best going to fit in with all aspects of our candidates lives.

What are my responsibilities when hiring remotely?

Working remotely is still work. Normal work obligations and priorities, communications, etiquette, insurances, work health and safety, still apply.

Employers are responsible for the well being, safety and performance of their teams be they in the office or working remotely.

  • Clear position descriptions 
  • Correct legal documentation
  • Work health and Safety Checks and compliance 
  • Ongoing training and support 

What sort of employers are advertising roles?

The employers that work with us a Pointer Remote are progressive companies that realise that the location of the best employee shouldn’t matter. We have small to medium-sized businesses from all over Australia through to corporate organisations in the big cities.

Can I advertise a contract, part-time or full-time role?

Pointer Remote has professional candidates looking for all types of work. You may need to fill a short term contract or have a one-off piece of work completed. Or you may be looking for a permanent part or full-time employee. 

How does Pointer Remote find me candidates?

Pointer Remote is another string in your team growth bow. We advertise your role to our registered job seekers, through our social channels and newsletter and in some instances with targeted digital marketing campaigns. We aim to get the eyes of a different candidate pool on your role than you would have previously accessed.  

Where is Pointer Remote located?

Our head office is in The Rock (southern NSW, Australia) but we believe in what we’re creating so much, that we’re fundamentally a remote team.

Our clients are based all around Australia including NSW: Sydney, Burleigh Heads, Wagga, Forbes, Dubbo; VIC: Melbourne, WA: Perth, NT: Darwin and more. 

Our registered candidates span the nation, from capital cities in all states to Wangaratta in Victoria, the wheatbelt of WA and in the Torres Strait Islands.

Is Pointer Remote only for regional areas and rural towns?

No – Underemployment is an issue regardless of location, age or job type. Finding meaningful work through Pointer benefits individuals, families, communities, economy and society.


In 2012, the Grattan Institute reported if there was an extra 6% of women participating in the workforce, Australia’s GDP would be about $25 billion higher. With the average full-time wage currently sitting at $82 436 (ABS, August 2018), placing RRR professionals in remote jobs not only greatly impacts the number of women returning to the workforce, it also increases local spending and stimulates the national economy.

Another powerful example is in farming communities where professionals generating a second income assists farming families during times of hardship such as drought, fire or floods. The benefits to regional communities that additional income and subsequent spending brings is enormous (stat stat stat stat).”

Young people
In 2020, the Australian’s Economics Editor 
Judith Sloan reported about the ABS stats of 13.4% under-utilisation, commenting “while 80 per cent of part-time workers are happy with their hours of work — the jobs fit their preferences, study requirements or child-minding needs — there is a reasonable chunk of the workforce, about 1.1 million, who would prefer more hours. Most underemployed are younger than 34”.