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Pointer Remote works with organisations to find the best person for the job, regardless of where they live. We support you to fill positions with talent from all over Australia.

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At Pointer Remote, we know that the way we work has changed forever – and we know, statistically, that this is for the better. According to Forbes, organisations that engage remote employees are 21% more profitable, with an average of 40% more productivity than their office counterparts. With this increased productivity and performance, companies reported a 41% decrease in absenteeism. Most importantly – 54% of employees said that they would change their positions for workplace flexibility, which is a huge strength in remote workplaces. As a result of this, Forbes statistics proved that workplaces that employed remote workers had 12% less staff turnover. With this information in mind, Pointer Remote has a candidate pool brimming with experienced, educated and successful job seekers who are ready to join your team.

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Create your Business Profile to advertise your position. Your role will be sent to job seekers matching the criteria. Interested applicants will submit their applications.


Review the profiles of interested candidates, interview the candidates that you like, make an offer and you’re ready to ‘Go Remote’.
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You’ll need the details of your main point of contact, a job description with an outline of the role, essential criteria, desirable criteria and details of any extra information you’d like the candidates to submit.

The Pointer Remote Process

Pointer Remote has a ready and willing candidate pool of experienced and talented job seekers who are ready to work. The talent that you have access to thanks to Pointer Remote includes a wide range of industries, such as professional services, creatives, IT, marketing, administration, health and other industries that are conducive to remote work. The vast majority of our candidates have tertiary qualifications with a minimum of five years of experience in their chosen field, and over 35% of candidates have post-graduate qualifications in their industry.

As of June 2021, approximately 90% of organisations that had advertised roles with Pointer Remote had interviewed potential candidates within the week of publishing their role. More questions?


To advertise your role Pointer Remote, there is a charge of $500 + GST. Your positions are promoted through our website, social media channels, newsletter and seeker portal, which all enjoy a very high engagement rate. To advertise more than one role or to discuss our subscription options, contact us.

Benefits of Remote



Organisations that engage remote employees are 21% more profitable



Remote workers are on av. 40% more productive than their office counterparts



Productivity + performance = engagement resulting in 41% lower absenteeism



54% of employees would change jobs for flexibility resulting in 12% less turnover

*Statistics sourced from Laurel Farrer, Forbes

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