Each month, the team at Pointer Remote sit down to look at how working remotely, in all of its capacities, has the scope to change life for the better. Now, more than ever, we’re reminded of the impermanence of ‘normal’ and the importance of remaining adaptable and able to pivot. Join us for a deep dive into Working From Anywhere (WFA).

The idea for Pointer was born not in a start-up hub or an entrepreneur workshop, but at a barbecue. 

I was chatting with a friend of mine over a table sagging with burnt snags and wilted coleslaw. This friend was whip smart and had oodles of experience in her corporate career in the city. But she had married a farmer, moved bush and was sitting on a property with no job prospects within a 200-kilometre radius. 

As a regional woman who has started four different businesses, often in order to create a job for myself that I found interesting and worthwhile, it got me thinking. How many others were sitting idle, hamstrung by geographical boundaries and far beyond the grasp of a meaningful, stimulating career? The idea snowballed, Pointer was born and then COVID-19 happened. 

Suddenly, every man and his dog were working from laptops, forced by circumstance into wearing the badge of a telecommuter. While it has some serious challenges, Working From Anywhere brings with it some gorgeous silver linings; part of which is the sudden access to careers that you love, even if they’re states or countries away. 

It’s such a gift to be able to empower people to choose their work, no matter if they live 10 hours past the black stump, or want to live in a particular town or city where their niche opportunities are limited. Remote work offers the chance to live in a universe where direct responsibilities aren’t in competition. Need flexible hours due to family commitments, but still want to progress in your chosen career, or work creatively? It’s all possible. 

You no longer have to live in a major metropolitan city, or any spot in particular, to have a career you love. Digital nomads? Knock yourself out. Military spouse? No longer do you have to start from the bottom of the ladder every time your partner moves base. Love the country lifestyle, but want to experience the rush and dynamics of a city start-up? No need to choose one or the other. Enjoy access to your local organic grocer, pilates studio and an ethically sourced almond latte, but passionate about regional business? Thanks to technology and the normalisation of remote work, you can have it all.

As always, let’s take this chat to the comments. Do you have access to a career you love, despite living far from its headquarters? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you. 

Work your way!

Jo Palmer, Founder of Pointer Remote